Eskimo offer a full range of Internet & Email Services whether it be a single user Internet connection or a full-blown corporate email system.


Need to get on-line? Existing connection too slow?

Let Eskimo sort out your Internet connection for you with one of our in-house Internet packages. Broadband or Fibre? EFM or a Leased Line? Let us know what you want to achieve and we’ll manage the whole process from ordering the phone lines, to configuring your routers and firewalls.

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Do you open your inbox in the morning and find nothing but spam?

You are not alone. Spam email now accounts for over 80% of email traffic worldwide. For a small monthly charge, you can route all of your company’s incoming email through Eskimo’s professional cloud based spam filters. Our databases are updated frequently and all spam, virus and spyware content is removed before your mail hits your inbox.

Subscribers to this service receive daily spam reports allowing you to manage your spam whitelists as well as web console access for checking mail history. This ensures the important mail makes it through to your inbox and nothing is lost.

Should your mail server be unavailable for any reason, this service also allows you access your incoming email while your server issues are being resolved.

Eskimo Signature is the solution for Microsoft Exchange that automatically adds professional email signatures to all corporate email.

  • Centrally manage all your organization’s email signatures processed by Exchange.
  • Get consistent signatures on all email with auto-completed details like names, departments and job titles pulled from your Active Directory.
  • Design the perfect email signature template with logos, legal disclaimers, marketing banners, social media links and more.
  • Vary email signatures for different teams and departments.
  • Get full HTML signatures on all devices including mobiles (iPhone, Blackberry, Android devices, iPad etc)
  • Easily update and distribute every signature in your organization with a single click via Exchange.
  • End users don’t have to do anything to receive a new email signature.
  • Works with both Exchange On-premises & Exchange 365.

Regain control of your company communications and ensure each and every email goes out looking exactly the way you want it to.

You’ve got your new website and now all you need is somewhere to put it. Whether your website was designed by Eskimo or by your own developers, Eskimo can provide a new home for it on our web servers.

With guaranteed uptime status and nightly managed backups of your data as standard, your website is in safe hands with Eskimo.

Do you know where your Internet domain name is hosted?

We generally find that the answer to this question is ‘No’. Let Eskimo transfer your domain name over to our control and we will ensure it is renewed on time so that nobody else can snap it up should your renewal lapse.

Domain hosting & management with Eskimo is free if you subscribe to one of our web hosting or spam filtering services.

With wireless networking you no longer need to have a spare network point available to add another computer to your network. Let Eskimo add some wireless access points to your network and give your users the flexibility to work anywhere in the office.

Worried about security and someone using your wireless network to gain access to your files? Eskimo will configure your wireless network properly with encrypted password protection to keep out those prying eyes. We can also set up guest networks for you so that you are in control of what your wireless users have access to when connected to your network.

At Eskimo we can also wirelessly link up any of your buildings that have a line of sight between them. Save on Internet costs by sharing one connection between multiple locations.

Eskimo can configure your network to allow your users to access their files from anywhere in the world.

Whether it’s full network access they require or simply access to their email, we can set things up for you in a secure manner.

Using software such as Citrix you can publish applications to remote users and ensure that your data is all kept within your internal office network. Citrix is available for use on PC’s, Mac’s, and a variety of mobile devices such as iPads & iPhones and gives you access to the same applications you use on your office workstation.

Whether you are looking to replace an aging phone system for your whole office or simply set up a satellite office with your staff all connected to the same phone system, Eskimo can supply a hosted phone solution which runs over your existing Internet connection on a ‘per user per month’ basis.

Keep your running costs down by only adding additional handsets when you actually require them and avoid purchasing unnecessary hardware.

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